Education Overview

2020 Convention and Trade Show

Arlington, VA, March 1 - 5, 2020

Educational Overview

This year’s educational program will offer a wide range of topics and learning formats that focus on leadership, best practices, cutting-edge trends and high-level conversations with the public lands community to develop skill-sets and knowledge that can help you achieve greater success in your public-private partnerships.


Educational sessions address the following thematic areas:

Leveraging Resources through Partnerships

Nonprofit organizations and land management agencies are seeking innovative ways to maximize their individual resources to achieve results greater than either could do alone.

Connecting to Local Communities

Nonprofit partners often serve as the face of a public land in their local communities and increasingly need to identify programs and initiatives that connect gateway populations to the resource and its mission.

Developing Strong Leadership

Both nonprofits and partnerships need strong leadership to build consensus around common goals and execute strategies for the greatest impact. We also need your suggestions on what themes are most important in public lands today and in the coming years.


The program covers topics including, but not limited to:

  • Retail

  • Communications & Marketing

  • Product & Program Development

  • Program Evaluation & Research

  • Financial Management

  • Nonprofit Management & Operations

  • Fundraising & Membership

  • Environmental Sustainability

  • Board Governance / Development

  • Advocacy

  • Partnerships