Pre-Convention Workshops

Pre-Convention Workshops

Collaboration, Strategy and Business Planning in Partnerships

This workshop will examine three of the biggest partnership challenges in public lands – organizational strategy, collaboration, and business planning. Increasingly, leaders and managers are asked to do more with less, work in partnership, and prioritize one needed option over another. Utilizing case studies, this workshop will provide opportunities for exploring ways of making those decisions and engaging in supportive partnerships from a thoughtful position that keeps primary mission, business needs, and constituencies in view.

Target Audiences: Executive Directors / CEOs, Board Members, Agency Management
Learning Level: Intermediate (201 / 301 level)

Date and Time: Sunday, February 24, 2019 from 9am - 11:30am

Price: $80 with attendee/exhibitor registration / $115 without attendee/exhibitor registration

Presented by:

Cleveland Justis, Potrero Group, LLC

Andrew Leider, Potrero Group, LLC