About Us - What is PLA?

public lands

Lands such as parks, wildlife refuges, forests and more that are owned by the American people and managed by government agencies (such as US Fish & Wildlife Service).

public lands partners

Nonprofit organizations that support public lands by raising funds, conducting conservation and educational programs, managing volunteers, and more.

public lands alliance (PLA)

A network created by public lands partners to amplify the benefits they bring to the land and their visitors through education and training, advocacy and more.

Our Vision

We work for the day when America’s public lands are understood and appreciated, preserved and conserved and enjoyed by all. 

Our Mission

  • We CONNECT public lands partners not only to agency leaders and socially conscious corporations but also to one another in a vibrant peer network.

  • We STRENGTHEN our community through targeted education, training and our other capacity building programs.

  • We REPRESENT our members' interests with elected officials and policy makers.

Who We Are

The Public Lands Alliance has worked to foster and advance its members, the nonprofit partners of America's public lands, since 1977. We are a unified, powerful community dedicated to the preservation, enrichment and enjoyment of America's most treasured places.

Our members serve over 675 public lands sites nationwide in cooperation with their land management agency partners, and they raise $250 million annually to support those lands.

2019 - 2021 Strategic Plan

2018 Annual Report