Are Your By-Laws Current?

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By-laws create, organize and set the general guidelines by which organizations operate. But if they’ve gotten stale, or if you’re still operating from a set of by-laws that are years old, it’s time to update them.  Listen to the following webinar and discussion to hear the do’s and don’ts, the whats and whens of updating your organization's by-laws.

Presenter: Jerryne Cole, Board Director, Public Lands Alliance

Jerryne has 20+ years of experience of volunteer service with nonprofit boards. She has served as Governance and board chairs of the Alaska Geographic and the Public Lands Alliance, she established a nonprofit public lands educational institute in Alaska and she serves on the National Parks Conservation Association's national council. Her career was spent as an co-owner/operator of an active learning vacation center in Denali National Park, and she holds a B.S. from the University of Washington.